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Irrigation Systems

The key to a lush landscape is water and, especially in South Central Kansas, rain is not always enough.  Landscape Outfitters provides custom installation of quality irrigation products, maintains current systems, and winterizing.

Sprinkler Installation

Our custom irrigation systems include the following:

  • Multiple watering zones to maximize efficiency
  • Zones are specifically designed for certain flow rates and pressure to get the best performance
  • Proper head to head spacing so your yard is evenly watered
  • We can incorporate sensors in to your system so water is not wasted
  • A digital control box mounted in your garage or outside giving you complete control over your system.
  • We also offer a Wi-Fi enabled controller that can be controlled and monitored from you phone.

Sprinkler Maintenance

  • We maintain and troubleshoot all brands of existing lawn sprinklers and systems.
  • Our winterizing service includes shutting off your system, blowing out using air to remove all water and then returning in the spring when it will no longer freeze to turn your system back on.
  • We also offer maintenance such as testing and adjusting heads.  We can check for leaks, address coverage issues and fix other problems.  Your sprinkler technician will then discuss any repairs and the costs to complete the work.
Sprinklers watering a green lawn