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Patios and Retaining Walls

Patio/Walkway Construction

A proper hardscape can help to create a breathtaking environment in your yard. Be it a patio, outdoor kitchen or walkway we have experience building it. Once we communicate about your goals for your hardscape we will start construction.

Stone water feature surrounding by a stone patio

Retaining Wall Construction

A retaining wall is a vital component of erosion control and keeping your landscape in shape. We are meticulous in planning the details of your wall and have experience using a wide variety of materials. We strive to make our retaining walls not just functional, but also visually pleasing to enhance your landscape.

Limestone retaining wall surrounding a stone home

Water Feature Construction

A water feature can serve as the perfect center piece to a well landscaped yard. With experience in large and small fountains and ponds we can present you with a natural looking, breath-taking feature.

A small, wooden footbridge leading to a stone patio with limestone seating, fire feature in the center, and water feature along the outside.